Garment Industry Machine

Steam Press

With pressing surface seven times the size of the regular irons it almost cuts ironing time in half . The machine has variable heat selections for all kinds of fabrics. Steams and de-wrinkles everything from sheets, towels, blankets, shirts, sleeves and pant legs.




  • Faster, less tiring than ironing 
  • Iron Area is more than 200 mm * 600mm
  • Steam selector for dry or steam pressing 
  • Precision temperature control for any fabric type, nylon, silk, wool, cotton, & linen 
  • Removable, easy-to-fill water tank 
  • Indicator lights - red for "on" and green for "ready" 
  • Removable machine washable pressing pad 


Straight Knife Cutting Machine

Round Blade Cutting Machine

This machine is available for cutting materials like cotton, woolen hemp, silk, chemical fibre, sponge leather etc. This machine is a round knife cutting machine. It has 100/110 mm cutting blade & can cut up to 1inch layer of fabric It is equipped with automatic knife grinding device. It has features of stable run, convenient operations and powerful cutting ability.

Snap Attaching Machine

Also know as Button binding machine. it is suitable for binding all kinds of metal snap fasteners, craft buttons, jeans buttons, rivets, springs, snappers, shoes rivets, etc. on all kinds of clothes, knitting slopwork, down coats, jeans, shoes, hats, leathers, plastics and sailcloth. The machine can change the mould easily as per customer's requirement.

Cloth Drill Machine

This machine can drill holes through numerous layers of fabric, indicating button holes, pockets, darts and other attachment points. It is useful for marking on the fabric without leaving a burn mark.

Cloth Drill Machine

Model : DZI-2D

Usage : Drill Printing marks holes

Drilling depth : less than 100 mm

Power  : 50 Watt

Voltage : 220 VA

Phase : 1

Speed :  2800 rpm

Weight : 4.700 kgm.

Manual Fusing Machine

Ideal machine to fuse collars, cuffs and front placket. It is a manually operated system and require no extra attachments like compressors etc. It is best machine for start ups, small and medium manufactures. It has High performance and less maintenance.

Needle Detector Handy Model

Needle Detector – Handy Model

Model : TY-20MJ

Usage :  light, sound alarm

Inspection height : 10 mm

Inspection standard : 1.2 (Fe) mm

Volume (mm) : 135 * 65 * 35

Weight : 280 gram

Power : 9v/Battery 

Needle Detector Table Top Model

Needle Detector – Table Top Model

Model : YX99-1

Usage :  general mode, applicable for socks, gloves, garments, etc.

Inspection width : 120 * 500 mm

Inspection height : 10 mm

Inspection standard : 1.2 (Fe) mm

Volume (mm) : 700 * 400 * 80

Weight : 13 kgm.

Power : AC 220V

Hang Iron Garment Steamer Model 2000

Hang Iron Garment Steamer 

Model : 2000                                               

Voltage: 220V / 110V
Power: 1350W - 1800W

* Universal wheel
* Aluminum alloy Stick
* Over-heating protection
* Double temperature design
* Automatic On/Off setting in Water tank
Tank capacity : 4.64 L (4.64 kg)

Hang Iron Garment Steamer Model 209

Hang Iron Garment Steamer                    

Model : 209                                

Voltage: 220V / 110V

Power: 1350W - 1800W


* Unique 4-class heating control

* Non-slipped sprayer

* Automatic water supply setting

* Stainless steel Spray panel

* Homogeneous and stable steam 

Tank Capacity : 2.18 L (2.18 kg)

Hang Iron Garment Steamer Model 118

Hang Iron Garment Steamer                   

Model : 118                                        

Voltage: 220V / 110V
Power: 1350W - 1800W

* Secure certificated Electrical accessories
* ABS Plastic cover
* 2 & 4-class heating control
* Crystal Water tank
* Universal wheel                                 

Tank Capacity : 1.88 L (1.88 kg) 

Needle Detector Conveyor type Model 20-6

Needle Detector Conveyor type                 

Model : 20-650

High sensitivity and strong anti-jamming ability.

Intelligent broken needle position lamp display accurate display broken needle position.

Function key intensive the function menu, data calculation ability is more accurate, flexible and convenient operation.

Detect broken needles, tacks, ferrous, iron foreign bodies in textiles, garments, shoes, underwear, zippers, socks.

Specifications :-

Inspection width : 600 mm

Inspection height (different models) : 100 mm / 230 mm / 350 mm

Inspection range :  0.5-0.8 (Fe)mm / 1.2-1.5 (Fe) mm

Weight : 180 kg.

Power : 60W

Voltage : AC 220V/50Hz. 

Fusing Machine Conveyor type Model 500

Fusing Machine Conveyor type                 

Model : 500

Suitable for collar lining, sleeve lining, placket, and cuffs thermal pressure bonding process, the resin lining woven lining adhesion such as in textiles and garments.

Specifications :-

Banding pressure : 0-2.5 kf/cm2  

Fluorine width : 500 mm

Temperature : 200oC  

Speed : 0-8 m/min

Voltage : AC 220 V / 50 Hz

Heater Powder : 36 KW 

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